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Mediation And Alternative Dispute Resolution


Representing Clients In A Variety Of Forums Worldwide

Before business leaders engage in litigation, they must consider the time and money that it requires, in addition to the probability of success. At Colucci & Umans, our attorneys are experienced at representing clients in alternative forms of dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation, which often allows clients to resolve legal issues more quickly and with minimized expense.


Arbitration Of Intellectual Property Law Disputes

Contract provisions frequently specify that conflicts will be resolved through arbitration. The arbitration process is often described as private litigation, where parties are able to argue their case to one or more neutral arbitrators, who hand down a decision based on the evidence presented.

This process allows parties to avoid the time restraints and possible biases of the court system, to keep proceedings and results confidential, and to utilize a decision-maker with expertise in their industry. At Colucci & Umans, we provide steadfast, experienced representation in complex arbitration proceedings worldwide.


Experienced IP Mediation Lawyers

In many cases, avoiding court is in both parties' best interests. Mediation can provide a confidential forum to clients who want to attempt to resolve conflicts themselves, rather than allowing a third party to hand down a decision. With the assistance of a neutral mediator trained in helping parties come to mutually beneficial solutions, businesses can resolve legal issues without draining their resources. Our attorneys are experienced at mediation representation, understanding the strategies and techniques required for success in mediation.

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