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A Boutique Firm With A Focus On Fashion

In the fashion industry, following trends is crucial for designers and retailers; so is protecting their creations. At Colucci & Umans, we represent many clients in the fashion industry, from up-and-coming designers to established international retailers. We help clients meet their goals, advising them on all aspects of legal protectability and restrictions so they can succeed in a competitive industry.

The lawyers at Colucci & Umans work as a team to take clients from inspiration through production. We often serve clients by searching existing trademarks, copyrights and patents, ensuring that their creations will not infringe on another designer's legal rights while they follow fashion trends.

We then advise on design modifications, substantial similarity, and the right to compete. Our attorneys take a proactive approach to keeping businesses out of litigation, but provide strong, experienced representation in the court room when the need arises.


Worldwide Fashion Law Representation Tailored To Client Needs

At Colucci & Umans, our boutique firm is focused by design, allowing us to provide clients with personal representation specific to their needs. Our team is flexible and responsive, possessing an in-depth understanding of the fashion industry. We frequently work with leading designers and retailers to protect innovative works from unauthorized reproduction and infringement by guiding them through the process of obtaining and enforcing legal protections for designs, prints and patterns. With first-class service and boutique prices, we add unparalleled value to any business looking to protect creativity.

To schedule a free consultation with experienced nationwide and international intellectual property lawyers contact us at 212-935-5700.