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Representing Clients Throughout The United States And Worldwide

When a business needs to litigate to protect its interests, business leaders look to a lawyer who is both experienced in the subject matter and able to provide steadfast, effective representation in court. At Colucci & Umans, our attorneys are experienced at litigating in federal courts throughout the United States.

When our clients face litigation, attorneys at our firm conduct a thorough analysis of all relevant facts and offer a realistic assessment of the case, so the clients can determine if it is in their businesses' best interest to proceed with litigation. We then put a team of at least two attorneys on the case, who collaborate with the client to outline a strategy for success.

At Colucci & Umans, we prepare our clients for every element of the litigation process, looking to them for input on strategy and answering questions about the legal process. As the case progresses, we stay in constant contact with clients, ensuring that they are up-to-date on the details of their cases. We get client approval for every decision because our clients know their businesses better than anyone.


An Experienced Appellate Litigation Law Firm

Our attorneys have argued appeals before the Second, Third, Fifth, Sixth and Ninth Circuits, resulting in several significant decisions regarding reverse confusion, dilution and trade dress. Our success has made us a leader in the field of intellectual property in the United States, and we bring that extensive background with us to every case we litigate.

To schedule a free consultation with experienced nationwide and international intellectual property lawyers contact us at 212-935-5700.